Xamarin Interview Questions

I’m bundling the interview questions i got dished up, on an intake for a Xamarin project. I thought it would be nice to share some of these questions here on my blog. I’m just sharing those questions.

I hope this list helps you out doing your homework for a Xamarin interview.I’ll try to regularly update this list with additional questions.

Good luck!

  • What is Xamarin ?
    • Cross-platform, C#/F#, Mono, Native, Open Source, acquired by MS
  • Why Xamarin for Mobile Development ?
  • What is Xamarin.Android ?
  • Can you mention the compilation of Process of Xamarin.Android application ?
  • Explain the Life Cycle of Xamarin.Android Application ?
  • What is an Activity ?
  • What is an Intent ?
  • What is Bundle ?
  • How do you implement a splash screen in Xamarin.Android ?
  • What is Recycler View Pattern ?
  • What is View Holder Pattern ?
  • What is Card View ?
  • What is Xamarin.iOS?
  • What is AOT ? Can you explain ?
  • Can you mention the compilation of Process of Xamarin.iOS  application ?
  • Explain the Life Cycle of Xamarin.iOS Application ?
  • What is Xamarin.Forms ?
  • Can we achieve code re usability at user interface ( UI ) layer , while developing mobile applications for different operating systems ?
  • What is custom rendering ? Why do you need it  ?  How do you achieve custom rendering ?
  • What are Dependency Services ? Can you mention Practical Scenario where you’ve used it ?
  • What are the different supported ways of developing Xamarin.Forms apps
  • What is Shared Project ?
  • What is Portable Class Library ?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages in using XAML for UI design in Xamarin.Forms
  • Can you explain the difference between Shared Project and Portable Class Library ?
  • Can you talk about Advantages of using Xamarin ?
  • Are there any disadvantages of using Xamarin platform for Cross Platform Development ?  if you know , can you mention few of them ?
  • What is MessagingCenter in Xamarin.Forms ? How can we use it can be used in real time?
  • How do you implement push notifications for different mobile operating systems ?  Can we achieve code re-usability here ?  if so , how ?
  • In what scenarios you choose Xamarin as platform for Mobile Development ? In what scenarios you don’t choose ?
  • How do you link Portable Class Libraries to Xamarin.Forms Project ?
  • Are there any performance issues you’ve encountered , while developing applications using Xamarin?
  • Will it be possible to make use of MVVM Pattern using Xamarin Platform ? if so , How did you achieve MVVM pattern implementation ? Did you make use of any tools ?
  • What is SQL Lite ? Did you make use of it in any of the Projects ?
  • Have you worked with 3rd party components integration? If so what difficulties you faced in itegrating them?
  • What are the different design patterns you’ve used in Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS Projects ?
  • What is Xamarin Test Cloud ?
  • What is Hockey App ?
  • What is MBaaS ?
  • How do we integrate Xamarin application with Azure App Services ? Can you explain ?
  • How can you make use of your existing  Objective – c library ? Is there a way to re-use the code written in Objective – c with xamarin ?
  • How can you make use of your existing  Java library ? Is there a way to re-use the code written in Java with xamarin ?
  • Why do we need to create C# binding libraries for objective-c and java libraries ?
  • We’ve got a REST api on http, do you see any issues using this in Xamarin?
  • How do you implement ‘Pull to refresh’ on Android & iOS?
  • How can you access Device specific or Platform specific features like Camera or Location ?

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