Google Drive API with Xamarin Forms

Google Drive Integration In this blog we will see how to make Google Drive API integration with Xamarin Forms. Though there is no official Xamarin Forms libraries available in the Google resources for Drive Integration i have seen lots of queries in xamarin forums about google drive integration. So i thought of creating a POC … Continue reading Google Drive API with Xamarin Forms


Xamarin.Forms Cardview

CardView was introduced in Android 5.0 (Lollipop). CardView is mainly used to create Card like user interface for showing lists of data in Android Apps. CardView can hold text and text with images (advanced) in its Layout. CardView’s Layout is based on the FrameLayout widget with rounded corners and shadows. But Xamarin.Forms doesn’t have support … Continue reading Xamarin.Forms Cardview

Xamarin.Forms controls with Effects

Xamarin.Forms renders user interface natively on each platform using a renderer class that creates the corresponding native control for that platform. For more details about How Renderer works and customize a control refer this link. By using custom renderer, you can easily customize the appearance or behavior of a control. You can even create entirely new … Continue reading Xamarin.Forms controls with Effects