SVG in Xamarin Forms

Drawing using Xamarin Forms cross platform wasn't an easy task till date until the SkiaSharp library was released,thanks to mattleibow who is the contributor of Skiasharp public repo . I thought of writing an early blog about "How to use SkiaSharp in Cross Platform" but i could see a lot of  basic things has been … Continue reading SVG in Xamarin Forms


Xamarin.Forms controls with Effects

Xamarin.Forms renders user interface natively on each platform using a renderer class that creates the corresponding native control for that platform. For more details about How Renderer works and customize a control refer this link. By using custom renderer, you can easily customize the appearance or behavior of a control. You can even create entirely new … Continue reading Xamarin.Forms controls with Effects

Xamarin Forms Dependency Service

Xamarin.Forms is a cross-platform toolkit that allows developers to easily create native user interface layouts that can be shared across Android, iOS, and Windows platform. Xamarin.forms provides us with DependencyService - a dependency resolver, in which  an interface is defined and DependencyService finds the correct implementation of that interface from the various platform projects.. DependencyService … Continue reading Xamarin Forms Dependency Service